LORD JOHNNIE by Leslie Turner White


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The conversion of a wanted criminal into an accepted, respected member of English society is the basis of the story of Lord Johnnie Rogue, and laid in the 18th century, has a full complement of adventure trimming. Lady Leanna, to escape her debts, insists on marrying Johnnie just before he is to be hung, but with his escape from the gallows, he confronts and makes a bargain with his unwilling wife. He foils her again when she tries to have him killed, is betrayed to a navy press gang, incites a mutiny once aboard ship. A trade with a patriotic officer gets him to New York, where with the breathless help of the Duchess of Tallantyre, he not only finds Leanna again but also proves himself a hero in a battle against the French. This gives him the chance for recognition under his father's name, for complete acceptance by Leanna. Robust, roistering, sexy and exciting, this is the pop type of historical fiction.

Pub Date: May 4th, 1949
Publisher: Crown