SOMETHING TO STAND ON by Lewis L. Dunnington


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The author of this volume of sermons and addresses is the pastor of the First Methodist Church of Iowa City, Ia. These particular sermons grew out of his relations to the students at the University of Iowa and were originally preached to student congregations. The fundamental thesis of the author is that many students come to college with antiquated conceptions of religion which are soon exploded by the teachings of the classroom, leaving the student bewildered and prone to discard religion entirely as something which modern knowledge disproves or renders unnecessary. Accordingly, this minister sets out to prove that many inherited beliefs are antiquated and unsupportable and need to be supplanted by new ideas which are not in conflict with modern thought. Thus he re-examines our beliefs on such subjects as the Bible, Creation, heaven and hell, sin, the Virgin Birth, and restates them in a form acceptable to modern students. The point is that of the liberal Protestant. A controversial book which will not be acceptable either to orthodox Protestants or to Catholics, but many students will find in the book answers to many questions which have been bothering them. It is a volume which will be useful to liberal clergymen dealing with students and other young people.

Pub Date: April 19th, 1949
ISBN: 1425485421
Publisher: Macmillan