TALK AMERICAN by Lewis & Marguerite Shalett Herman


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A book which concentrates almost solely on pronunciation in contrast to Whyte's American Words and Ways (Viking -- 1943) which was more general, less phonetic. The authors here in their treatment of the American language as she is spoken have used middle western pronunciation (which is assuredly open to criticism and question in some areas which consider themselves more cultured). They have taken into consideration not only the impediments of German phonetics, but also of British idiosyncrasies, since so many of the German-Americans today have spent some time in England. Throughout the common German mistakes are underlined, the American word sound is given along with its German equivalent as illustration, and they take up phonetic symbols, vowels, consonants, contractions, strong and weak forms, idioms, stress, etc. with a section on a few prevalent gramatical mistakes. A useful book for Americanization classes -- for Germans who are anxious to overcome the handicap of inadequate English (American style).

Publisher: Ziff-Davis