WHO WOULD MARRY A MINERAL? by Lillian Morrison


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Morrison is mostly playing around with sound in these very short selections, without much regard for sense. The title piece, in fact, is one of the few that makes any statement, however light and silly. (It asks, ""Who would marry a mineral/ No matter how precious,"" and ends ""Molded by long process,/ Moved by light, not love,/ Quartz, a geode, the eye of a cat/ Who would marry that?"") At the other end is an entry titled ""Tongue Twister"" which reads ""Mascara massacre/ Macassar smack/ Circassian cask/ of Ankara shellac./ Cassandra's back!"" There are also a cross porpoise at cross purposes, a fish on a dish with garnish, and several visual pieces--the word ""image"" in one, ""window"" in another, arranged in patterns on the page; an ocean made of vowels; a face made from the words hair, mouth, chin, etc. Playful doodles.

Pub Date: May 16th, 1978
Publisher: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard