HYPE by Liz Nickles


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From Nickles (coauthor of Girls in High Places, 1987), the story of a brilliant, hard-charging creative-director of a big Chicago advertising agency who has to choose between her Armani wardrobe and True Love. Well, actually there's more than just an Armani wardrobe on the career side for aging but still glamorous boomer Cam McKenna. There's power. And the thrill of conceiving a complete ad campaign and picking a new name for another soft drink. And a mink. And trips to the coasts. And the occasional ecstatic grope with a teen-age rock star starring in the sensational new cola campaign. But the personal life's just a wreck. Ex-husband Timothy, now remarried, keeps slithering back into her life and her sheets. And while she's got plenty of admiration and respect at the office, she knows everybody would trample her in a second if they thought she was weakening. But then there's a cute meet with Jamie, a macho Chicago-born superstar chef, in a chic Manhattan restaurant. And then he keeps turning up. And even though he wears T-shirts and a ponytail and calls her ""honey' all the time, her rich and powerful friends don't seem to mind. And he cares. He really does. Cam caves in to his charms and for a while manages to juggle Career and Love. Then there's this terrific chance to leap to Advertising Heaven if only she breaks her Christmas Eve date with Jamie and his family. Surely he will understand. Surely she can Have It All. . . Lo-cal romance. Sort of a yuppie Harlequin.

Pub Date: Sept. 29th, 1989
Publisher: New American Library