MY INWARD JOURNEY by Lorraine Picker


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From her earliest childhood, Mrs. Picker endured suffocating attacks of bronchial asthma, at more or less frequent intervals, and of shorter or longer (sometimes six weeks) duration, an illness formerly considered organic. Married happily to Si, and the mother of two young children, she was still as severe a victim when a general practitioner, Dr. Ress, suggested that it was psychosomatic and could only be treated as such. For three years, therapy with a psychiatrist, and another three years with a psychoanalyst- rather reluctantly undertaken- cured her asthma -- and this is the record of what was a painful process in the acknowledgement of her guilts and hostilities, of the sense of personal deficiency which was to disable her physically and emotionally.... Mrs. Picker writes simply, recognizably within her family frame of reference as a wife and mother, and her account will help to direct others towards this means of help and healing.

Publisher: Westminster