ANOTHER HERE AND NOW STORY BOOK by Lucy Sprague & co-author Mitchell


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A Must Book -- with the sales history of the first classic Here and Now Story Book. Freckly, I don't think this measures up to the first. It has much excellent material, but it seems a bit pedantic in presentation, a bit over-studied and self-conscious. Undoubtedly, the stories themselves, used with the children by skillful adaptation, will be eminently successful, but in their presentation in the book itself, they seem the result of careful case work, rather than to have the spontaneity of the first ones. Again the material is planned for gradual development in age, interest, factual and interpretative concept. Each group is introduced by a note to the adult who is to use it, with a psychological analysis of the development for that age step. The pictures are, most of them, very satisfactory, essentially modern, but distinct, direct, decorative. It is unfortunate that so many of them necessitate turning the book around. In spite of what seem to me points of criticism in the book, it is an important book which parents of young children (two and up), and pre-school teachers will find valuable.

Publisher: Dutton