HEBREW MAN by Ludwig Kohler


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The reader of the Old and New Testaments is likely to get a very confused picture of the Hebrew man about whom he is reading. He gets a scattered knowledge of his physical and spiritual life largely by deduction and inference. Professor Ludwig Kohler, retired professor of Old Testament of the University of Zurich, Switzerland, has written this readable and interesting book which helps the reader to understand more fully the message of the Old Testament, particularly, by answering such questions as: How did Hebrew man live? What did he look like? How did he think and reason? Did physical beauty mean anything to him? Did he ever feel depressed? How did he look upon the experience of death? Why did the Hebrews feel insecure in the world? The author has condensed an amazing amount of information in these pages, and all Bible students who are led to read this book will be grateful to him for bringing into focus a picture of our spiritual ancestors by which we can the better appreciate our own spiritual heritage.

Publisher: Abingdon Press