TIP-OFF TO WIN by Luther F. Addington


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What starts out to be sports story turns into a series of lessons in friendship and brotherhood unfortunately grounded in jargon and homemade homily with little resemblance to reality. Flint Malone volunteers to help his new neighbor Rawbone Lane overcome his temper so that he can participate in basketball games. Before long, Flint recognizes a similarity between Rawbone and his own misanthropic father. But Flint compensates for his father's lack of neighborliness. When Mr. Lane needs a watering place for his cattle Mr. Malone refuses him the use of his stream. Grandfather, a wise old wellmeaning codger doles out cliche advice to his son (all the time undermining his authority in the eyes of Flint). As Rawbone benefits from Flint's friendship and therapy, Mr. Malone requires a near catastrophe to point out the error of his ways. A fire nearly wrecks his barn and house, but the team spirit of his neighbors saves the day. The simplicity of these folksy characters cannot mask their false handling in this story.

Pub Date: Aug. 7th, 1962
Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill