COME AWAY WITH O'MALLEY by M. O'Malley with Pago Cooper Knott


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This is quite charming -- and very different from any other autobiography I have read. O'Malley Knott, known the country over to the smart hunting and riding sets, might well have done a story of his own checkered career in which he played up his own contacts, his own hunting days. Instead he has told a first rate up-by-his-own-boot-straps (and down) sort of tale, of a lad, well-born, with the itch to see the world, who went to sea, jumped ship in California, became a veterinary-then a riding master -- and who capitalized on his love of and knowledge of horses to make a career for himself. It is fun roading -- between the lines one senses much left out -- but the story is a new one, and spans a period that has passed with a sect, a sense of humor -- and a pleasant nostalgia. The market -- sporting books plus good human interest biography.

Publisher: Doubleday, Doran