DON'T TOUCH ME by MacKinlay Kantor


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Jones and Mailer will seem sissies to some readers when they read MacKinlay Kantor's orgy with sex rampant. Rules had been made at Nyoka Base, to protect the morals of wives on the post while their husbands were fighting on the Korean peninsula. Perhaps this intensified and high-lighted the obsession with sex which dominates every page of this sultry tale. ""Wolf"" (Major Gregory Wolford) had had only one love in his life and he had let her go because of his conviction that he was going to die. Tony, when she finally accepted the break, married a nice guy, Norman Senn. And then she and Wolf met at Nyoka Base. In flashbacks, each phase of their passionate early love is laid before the reader; nothing is left to imagination. And against the preoccupation of the post, from the top to bottom, with how and where and when to get it, is told the new chapter in their romance. A seamy bit of army life, which contributes nothing to Kantor's hitherto estimable career. Public Libraries- have a care.

Publisher: Random House