LA FEMME DE GILLES: The Wife of Giles by Madeleine Bourdouxhe

LA FEMME DE GILLES: The Wife of Giles

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A simple, leisurely woman's novel -- dealing with a familiar pattern yet varying it sufficiently to avoid the commonplace. Giles, after several years of a completely satisfactory marriage, becomes infatuated with his wife's sister, a worthless but tantalizing vixen. His wife, Elisa, aware of this adultery which is purely physical and transitory, plays the role of confidante, and through wisdom and sympathy attempts to win him back, stifling her own reactions. But as the wind veers and Giles returns to her, she is so worn from the double conflict that in a moment of emotional exhaustion she takes her life. A certain amount of insight in the analysis of man and wife, and an unexpected twist at the finale give the story individuality.

Publisher: Gallimard