SHADOW OF A BULL by Mala Wojoiechowska
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At nine, Manolo Olivar has a long thin nose, which is a portent that he will become a brave bullfighter like his legendary father- ""killer of death"". Manolo however lives with fear and no aficion for the sport which both made his father's life and took it. By six of the elders of the town, he is taken to a barrera, taught the history and art of the fiesta brava (as is the reader-- Hemingway thought that Miss Wojoiechowska knew more about this sport than any other woman; there also is a glossary of terms), and at 12 he is ready to face his first bull. He is also ready to determine his own career, free from the shadow of his father, and gives another boy the chance to become a bullfighter... Manolo's feeling and is appropriately elegiac in tone. The illustrations by Alvin Smith (except those dealing with the boys in which the figures as well as the nose is elongated) are severe but effective. Ole!

Pub Date: March 20th, 1964
Publisher: Atheneum