ALL MANNER OF MEN by Malcolm Ross


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The author, one-time chairman of the FEPC, presents the case for fair legislation, basing it on the history of the FEPC, recognizing its short- its failures, investigating the causes for the hatred it aroused. The of the South must be faced- educated out of its backwater of reaction, before of national standards can be enforced. Through case histories- including some of most openly aired to the public -- he shows how pressure groups and individuals prejudice, discrimination, acceptance of timeworn shibboleths, and so contributed to a situation which is rooted in economic as well as social political manesurvings. Not a pretty picture, but it is heartening to read evidence pointing the fallacies of the reactionary belief. The emphasis is the problem of the Negro, with some stress on Mexicans, Orientals, Jews.

Pub Date: Feb. 12th, 1948
Publisher: Reynal & Hitchcock