RIFLES AT RAMSOUR'S MILL by Manly Wade Wellman


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Zack Harper, at the request of his lovely neighbor Grace, enters the North Carolina woods in search of her brother Godfrey, suspected of having joined the Tory forces. Once captured, Zack's innocent story falls on deaf cars and he is sentenced to be hanged. Godfrey's loyalty to his cause does not preclude his indirect part in helping a good neighbor escape and when Zack returns home, he is no longer a neutral but a staunch rebel who responds instantly to Samuel Martin's call to arms. Because of his knowledge of the South Fork area, Zack is sent on dangerous scouting expeditions from which he gleans important information pertaining to arsenals and territory for the Rebels. The climax is reached when seral volunteer companies meet and miraculously defeat three times their number of Torles in the battle at Ramsour's mill. Zack's dramatic re-encounter with Godfrey is reminiscent of another Wellman tale in which friendly adversaries meet, return a favor and promise to shake brands when the war is over. Capturing the idealistic spirit of the American Revolution and the loyal but gracious character of its heroes, a practiced hand at historical adventure scores again.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1961
Publisher: Ives Washburn