A TOAST TO TOMORROW by Manning Coles
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The Literary Guild has selected this as co-choice with the author's Drink to Yesterday (published by Knopf -- see page 505 -- October 1940 bulletin). That was a brilliant, somewhat disillusioned story of counter espionage and of a youth whom it broke, Hill Saunders. This picks up the story with the tale of Tommy Hambledon, Baunder's friend and mentor, who is deus ex machine through an amazing series of episodes. This has a different feel -- it seems more naive, more light-hearted, but it is slick stuff. Hambledon has been shell-shocked, he loses his identity and takes on a German name and career, becoming Hitler's chief of police. The burning of the Reichstag shooks him into awareness, and he uses his key position to frame and foil the Nazis. Good adventure -- but lacks the distinction of the earlier book.

Pub Date: May 2nd, 1941
ISBN: 1601870159
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran