OPTIONS: A Personal Expedition Through the Sexual Frontier by Marcia Seligson

OPTIONS: A Personal Expedition Through the Sexual Frontier

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Research into the nature of alternative lifestyles by a writer whose preoccupation with polygamous sex has brought her (and in consequence, us) to this sorry pass: a trip to Sandstone, a California touchy-feely retreat, at which wall-to-wall mattresses and a commitment to ""personal enrichment"" (read: sex and voyeurism) lead to weekend orgies for a $40 fee. Our author was shocked on her first visit. Some five years later, after much of the ""research"" for this grubby little volume had been completed, she returns, participates, and tells us all about it. In the interim--between visits--we learn more about her sex life than most people will be able to stomach (including lurid details of a passionate interlude with a filthy-fingernailed Fort Lauderdale guru). She also interviews a threesome--two women and a man--who keep on marrying and divorcing one another for tax reasons, and several couples who live together so they can switch partners on a three-day schedule. Seligson calls that arrangement a group marriage, and notes (not much to our amazement) that there are difficulties with it. So there are with this book, which is spottily researched, poorly written, and, in general, thoroughly seedy.

Pub Date: May 21st, 1978
Publisher: Random House