ROMAN SPRING by Margaret Chanler


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Fascinating memoirs, recollections of Margaret Terry, daughter of an artist, sister of F. Marion Crawford, niece of Julia Ward Howe. Her father's studio, her mother's drawing room was the Mecca of visiting celebrities in Rome, during a large part of the 19th century. Much of the charm of Muriel Draper's Music at Midnight --yet more the appeal of Edith Wharton's A Backward Glance -- in this picture of a passing generation. Rome, Washington, Newport, New York -- her marriage to Winthrop Chaaler brought them all into her life, and we have a vivid glimpse of the blaze of social life in New York under the aegis of Ward McAllister, and Washington diplomatic life against which moved the figures of Theodore Roosevelt, Henry James, Senator Lodge, Henry Adams, the Prince Borghese and many others. Here is a ""portrait of a lady"" and a picture of a placid and gracious life of bygone era. Sell to customers who are seeking this type of memoir -- a panorama of life, painted with intelligence and understanding and a very special sort of humor.

Pub Date: Sept. 7th, 1934
Publisher: Little, Brown