SILVER DAWN by Margaret S. Johnson


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An amiable, easy reading horse story, suitable for remedial reading purposes this is the story of the friendship, separation and reunion of Julia and her father's thoroughbred, Silver Dawn. The little girl rode the mare in the national show at Madison Square Garden, and sadly parted with her when she was sold to a man who promised to show her as a jumper. But Julia and her father did not know that Silver down was to be ridden in a circus. When the horse was clawed by a leopard, she became so fearful that her new owner sold her to a farmer. Julia learns of the horse's fate, and when the mare carries Julia to safety in a fire, her father brings the child and the horse together again for keeps. The illustrations and the reading level should make this attractive to slow readers for the pictures are appealing black and whites and the text is in large type.

Pub Date: April 16th, 1958
Publisher: Morrow