WILDERNESS BOY by Margery Evernden


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A versatile author, Margery Evernden (The Golden Trail, Knight of Florence, The Runaway Apprentice, etc. ) has now turned to young America and to Pennsylvania during the aftermath of the Revolution. The time is 1794, and young Jonathan Garrett is involved in the issue of the Whisky Rebellion when taxes were imposed by the new government on western farmers. Jonathan, who lives with his Uncle Daniel, a doctor and a conservative, is disturbed at the signs of an uprising- a new struggle for liberties the landsmen had already thought were theirs. Jonathan's other uncle, Lachlan, is on the side of the farmers and in spite of his respect for Uncle Daniel- his loyalties are mixed. Unable to resist the call to freedom, he joins Lachlan. The result is defeat and Lachlan's imprisonment for treason, but by then the principles of just taxation are clearly defined and both Jonathan and Uncle Daniel are able to speak for Lachlan's release. Mature narration raises this above the ordinary.

Pub Date: Oct. 7th, 1955
Publisher: Putnam