STAIRWAY TO THE SKY by Marguerite Dickson


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The author of Turn in the Road and other books for girls here puts her young heroine through the sturm and drang of a writing career, with assorted attendant problems in human relationships. Christine Meredith, living with her elderly cousin Retta and Felix in Brooklyn, finds she must fight every step of the way with irascible cousin Retta for the things she wants -- the job in the book store with understanding John Summerfield, a break with Hugo, who wants to marry her and run her life, and most of all, an opportunity to write. Finally Christine scores on all points and wins the confidence of the bitter, disappointed woman who had to give up her musical career because of arthritis. With some preliminary success in the writing game and the love of John Summerfield, Chris is on the way to a bright future. Some sound values here and a clear view of complicated relationships, with an emphasis on hard work as a prerequisite to success. Good reading, too.

Publisher: Nelson