SUN-SIGN REVELATIONS by Maria Elise Crummere


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Crummere, once the cast astrologer for Hair, doesn't seem to have picked up on all those love and flower-power vibes. She's not into astrology as ego massage. Quite the reverse: learn the awful truth about yourself. Whether you're the Insensitive Bully (Taurus), the Sex-Obsessed Demoralizer (Scorpio) or the Spiritual Panhandler (Pisces) you're probably less likable than you think. She covers the usual ground of astrology books -- personality and career, love, marriage and friendship, parenthood -- rooting out the reasons why you'll probably flip or flub in your relationships. Jealousy, greed, treachery, boredom, egomania, cruelty -- in short your astrological Id. Send a copy of the book to your worst enemy and enjoy your own malicious delight.

Pub Date: March 21st, 1974
Publisher: Viking