THE DOLLHOUSE STORY by Marie Halun Bloch


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The dollhouse world comes alive only after Ellen and Julie leave the room. It is then that the fragile creatures of the realm must fend for themselves. Mouse is usually a dependable protector, but when Cat frightens him away, the dolls are left to the mercy of feline capriciousness. Trilby, the youngest doll of all decides to regain the sanctity of her Victorian ""home"" by going out in search of Mouse. Instead she attracts Ellen and Julie but accomplishes her heroic purpose nevertheless. The magic of a dollhouse world has much stronger appeal for the Read-Aloud age group, though the age-content discrepancy is not the only flaw here. The whimsical charm that Rumer Godden evokes from her doll domain is missing in Miss Bloch's less effective fantasy.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1961
Publisher: Walck