SEX ETIQUETTE by Marilyn Hamel


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Voyeurist reading, in Q&A format, for playful femmes. (First serial rights to Cosmo.) The table of contents sets the tone: e.g., ""COMINGS AND GOINGS: Orgasm Etiquette and Impotence with Savoir-Faire."" The questions aren't necessarily bad ones, nor are the answers altogether as crude or arch as this sounds. A sudden turnoff? ""Emergency measures are an unthinkable ruse for anything less than a legitimate crisis."" Admit to being nonorgasmic? ""Best to defer disclosure. . ."" Neither are all the questions about sex: Is your accountant or dentist fair game? (Unwise.) What can you eat gracefully in a restaurant? (An omelet or filet mignon, according to budget.) And some of what's here is good old seduction or better-sex counsel, Q&A style. (""Do indecent things to him on the elevator. . . . Prime him with emotional readings from D. H. Lawrence."") True-to-life (how to discover if he's married, what to do about the kids) or all-in-fun, this is mainly designed to get sniggers from women--and here and there, now and again, it will.

Pub Date: Oct. 5th, 1984
Publisher: Delacorte