PIGEON HEROES: Birds of Var & Messengers of Peace by Marion B. Cothren

PIGEON HEROES: Birds of Var & Messengers of Peace

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volume, this , is a book which I loved when it the true story of the famous homing pigeon of Lost Battalion fame. In Pigeon Heroes she tells less in detail of the training of the pigeons for their vital work at the front (military censorship, no doubt), but gives a fast paced overall picture of the type of work done in saving life, carrying messages, etc. by these marvelous birds, not only in this war, but in many of the wars back through history. And in times of peace, too, when homers are used by newspapers, in times of emergency when power lines are down, on back to the bringing of word to the Greek cities of the Olympic games; Individual pigeon here stories have a quality quite their own for anyone who is interested in the subject.

Pub Date: April 10th, 1944