BRUMAIRE by Mark Logan


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A third installment in the series (Tricolour, Guillotine) that stars Nick Minnett, proprietor of the House of Minnett, England's leading private bank in the turbulent days of the new French Republic. Nick still hasn't married Anne Yealm, despite two children and six years of bliss, since his estranged bitch Lady Caroline will not give him a divorce. And he's still sharing the beds of dangerous ladies, as well as his wife Carrie's--she's as magnificent as ever in a pale blue negligee and Nick just can't stay out of her sack. Prime Minister Pitt wants Nick's help with the warring Irish and the threatened invasion from France. What's more, some British ships are mutinying, with thoughts of French-style revolution dancing in their heads. Nick joins Admiral Horatio Nelson at Naples, nearly beds Lady Hamilton again, is sought in bed by the Queen of Naples, then joins Bonaparte on his disastrous campaign into Egypt. He's temporarily reunited with Lady Caroline, but she's shot dead in his arms by her mad brother Lord George Moncey (who is leading an Irish conspiracy). Now Nick's free to marry Anne, but both are captured by George and held for ransom while dastardly George rapes Anne right beside Nick. But all are still young and will be reunited in volume four, except George, who's at the bottom of the Seine. Bouncing (from bosom to bosom) but tiringly trivial.

Pub Date: May 10th, 1978
Publisher: St. Martin's