THE CHANCER by Marshall Pugh


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Malcolm Fleming has been a hero, and something of a guru to Tom Cameron, who served with him during the war, and now a film-based on Fleming's command of a Highland Brigade- brings up the possibility of a rather nasty investigation. At its premiere, Cameron also overhears the comment that Fleming had been a ""chancer"" (opportunist). With his own marginal marriage broken up, Cameron takes time off from his job to go to Scotland and conduct a private, posthumous inquiry of Fleming's last patrol and the casualties to which it led. He also permits his attraction to Ruth Fleming's wife, extend to an affair. His attempts however to keep his memories of the dead man unsullied fail; from others he hears that he was a ""murderous bastard"", a coward, and finally- from Ruth- the uglier facts of her life with him. But through the reconnaissance, and his own recognition of the interdependent relationship, he is able to come to terms with himself and disengage his own future from the dead man's past.... It is, all in all, a limber, personable entertainment-poised somewhere between romance and suspense and satisfying the demands of each.

Pub Date: April 26th, 1961
Publisher: Harper