MOVE OVER, TWERP by Martha Alexander


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Small boy faces down bullying big boys--with a humorous counter-thrust they can't resist. When Jeffrey rides the school bus for the first time, he's ousted from his chosen seat in the center of the back row--""Clear out, Twerp""--by the bigger kids. And neither his father's nor his sister's advice to act tough helps. Then, looking at a monster book (""SUPER CREATURES,"" for those who can read), he has an inspiration; and next day he not only refuses to move, he has a comeback ready: ""my name isn't Twerp. It's""--baring a monster-decorated, hand-lettered T-shirt--""SUPERTWIRP!"" And at that, of course, he's in. A nice little lesson in applied pop psychology--or winning through accommodation.

Pub Date: April 27th, 1981
Publisher: Dial