MY NAME IS SAPPHO by Martha Rofheart


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Another reconstructed ""biography"" (Fortune Made His Sword; Glendower Country) of the famous Greek poet who was also the world's first feminist. It is alternately narrated by Sappho and the various important characters in her life: Alkaios -- the poet-rival who was her first love and lifelong friend; Rhodopis (nee Doricha) -- the beautiful prostitute who married Sappho's brother and occasioned Sappho's jealousy; and Kerkylas -- the sea trader who was her first and only husband. As for her life itself, it was nothing if not interesting including two political exiles -- one of which took her to Syracuse and world-wide fame; the founding of her schools; and her endless passion for the heartless Atthis -- Alkaios' sister. The novel also introduces the reader to the country which was not only the fountainhead of our civilization's genesis, but still a place of slaves, eunuchs and second-class women, endless petty wars and political plots. The material is there -- more generously so than in other books of this kind -- if you forgive the violet-eyed prose.

Pub Date: Nov. 27th, 1974
Publisher: Putnam