THE LAST DOGFIGHT by Martin Caidin


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Two air warriors meet over the Tamoroi Islands in the South Pacific. Only 24 and glassy-eyed with success, Captain Mitch Ross has nearly three dozen Jap Zeros to his credit and looks about to become the United States' top air ace. Shigura Tanimoto, the Japanese ace, has the blood of samurai in his fuel lines and waits for the day when he can meet the American devil Ross in high-altitude combat. He knows his Zero is a better dogfighter than Ross' P-40. But Ross comes into a far more agile plane, and when his crew is through stripping the P-38 to make it a real match, Ross sends a challenge to Tanimoto to meet him alone in a personal duel to the death. Caidin's authenticity lends pressure and exhilaration to the big shoot-up. A drunk for adventure addicts.

Pub Date: Sept. 9th, 1974
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin