THE PSYCHIC READER by Martin--Ed. Ebon


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A variety of articles ranging from a skeptical view of the life of Russian spiritualist Mme. Helena Blavatsky, Sirhan B. Sirhan's supposed mentor, to Hanson W. Baldwin's New York Times report on marine dowsers in Vietnam. There is also a look at an organized attempt to start a ""Disaster Early Warning System"" through proven precognitives; the story of The Flying Monk, Joseph Desa, whose aerial exploits astonished the eyes of Pope Urban XIII back in the sixteen hundreds; a put-down of assassination prophecies; a snap of Ted Serios facing television cameras; a condensed version of Bishop Pike's psychic diaries; and, perhaps most fascinating, eye witness reports of psychic surgery being performed in the Philippines and Brazil. Mr. Ebon foresees an eventual juxta- position of psychoanalytic method with parapsychologic investigation. His collection is less fanciful than, say, the Hans Holzer hodgepodges.

Pub Date: April 28th, 1969
Publisher: World