CRYSTAL GLOBE: The Have and Have. Nots of the New World Order by Marvin & Owen Davies Cetron

CRYSTAL GLOBE: The Have and Have. Nots of the New World Order

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Not wholly convincing predictions of how the globe will coalesce into the ""New Worm Order,"" in which nations will ""cede sovereignty for the global good,"" resulting in interlocked trade for North America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim, and likely starvation for those Third World nations with nothing left to sell. Cetron (Educational Renaissance, 1991; American Renaissance, 1989, coauthored with Davies) and Davies endorse, more or less, this New World Order: ""The world will be a more peaceful and prosperous place...because the rules by which it is governed have changed."" To predict its course, they survey the present state and likely future of every region in the world, and then trace the probable route by which world government will replace national prerogatives. Although Cetron and Davies discuss social, political, and environmental concerns, their main interest is economics, and most countries are evaluated on how much hospitality they are likely to offer to the big-business agenda of building the global economy. Among the more startling predictions: Japan will lose its edge and within ten years not be among the top ten economies; Canada will lose Quebec to independence, then become part of the US; a unified Europe will enjoy the world's strongest economy; stock exchanges and multinational headquarters will shift from New York to Washington; and have-not nations will be doomed to starvation unless they offer natural resources or guarantee extremely cheap labor to foreign businesses. Backed by only cursory analysis and little documentation, Cetron and Davies's guesses--sometimes thrilling, sometimes chilling--are, in the end, only as good as anyone's.

Pub Date: Oct. 22nd, 1991
Page count: 464pp
Publisher: St. Martin's