HOW TO HELP YOUR CHILD IN SCHOOL by Mary & Lawrence K. Frank
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Among the many, many books of progressively, psychologically angled parental guidance, this does not differ too much in its point of view, or its advice -- much of which is accepted by now, but does extend its coverage to include many practical problems which are common worries-allowances comics, comics, radio and television, money, a death or a divorce. Opening with the very young years, the authors (parents of six) indicate the variables in growth; the right king of discipline and the margin for error to be maintained; the handling of sex differences; the constant need for approval and affection which should always be in evidence. They discuss the selection of a nursery school, and what your child learns in group experience; suggest the proper play materials for the home, books, toys (this is true at each age level). And through the kindergarten age, the first school years and the middle years they discuss the right type of home and school program, the tendencies which are prevalent, the interests to be encouraged. All in all, this covers childhood and its many phases, problems, needs in considerable detail and with considerable insight. And the extensiveness of its coverage in the small but perplexing points of day to day handling makes it of particular value to parents.

Publisher: Viking