QUANT BY QUANT by Mary Quant


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You just can't ignore Quant. She's the fashion, the look, and in crowed by herself. She's Britain's gift to the long haired boys and the short skirted ""birds""; their ""Woman of the Year."" Maker of the ""Mod"" mode. Mixer of stripes and dots. A designing chic-k. And this book is as zany as her fashions. It swings. From the moment when little Miss Mary met her husband and partner-to-be Alexander Plunket Green ""it was a whizz."" And zip it goes: camping it up on campus with Alexander in his mother's pyjama tops; living on spaghetti and champagne; opening their bizarre Bazaar to Chelsea cat calls; two amateurs, babes in the merchandising wilderness running out of stock and into debt as the clothes caught on and the whole thing mushroomed; junketing around Europe with food boxes full of clothes (always forgot to buy suitcases) and their ""model girls"" who set a new greyhound style in clothes presentation; spending eight days in the same evening clothes on a blast that took them to Switzerland and landed Alexander in jail; invading America with a rock and roll band and meeting just everyone. It's flip, funny, frenetic. A gig, a groove, a giggle. But just one escapade we must accessorize with a very modest ""Q"".

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1966
Publisher: Putnam