THIS ROUGH MAGIC by Mary Stewart


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Then young actress-at-liberty Lucy Waring vacations with her married sister on the Greek island of Corfu, she finds exactly what Mary Stewart's fans have come to expect in her novels -- an atmosphere hazed in suspense with a vegetation of character as thick as the foliage. Believed by some to be the real scene of The Tempest, Corfu lies across from the Albanian coast. Lucy's stretch of beach includes a slightly unhinged Shakespearean actor who spouts appropriate lines from the play. He has a handsome son who acts peculiar enough to alert the heroine and the reader that something is rotten in Corfu. Lucy can't quite believe in his good intentions, even when he helps her launch a beached dolphin. For a while, she's more inclined to trust an English author who lives nearby, until the night she discovers just which one is smuggling money into communist Albania. (That was quite a night.) Jettisoned off the Albanian coast in cheppy water, Lucy swims (is it the dolphin that helps her?) back to Corfu where a wild motorcycle ride (was the driver the island's patron saint?) to an old-fashioned confrontation scene where, after a tempest, all's well that ends well.... For her old readers, plus those of the Literary Guild which has selected it, This Rough Magic will have a smooth sortilege.

Publisher: Morrow-Mill