CIDER DAYS by Mary Stolz


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In Ferris Wheel (1977), Vermonter Polly's best friend Kate moves to California; a new girl--shy, unhappy Consuela from Mexico--moves in; and Stolz suggests a new friendship in the making. Now, in Cider Days, Polly and her family get to know Consuela and her flitty ""famous artist"" mother a little better, and Consuela, still longing for Mexico and resenting her mother most of the way through, comes finally to love Polly's precious Vermont and cozy family when she experiences her first snowfall on a Thanksgiving-weekend sleepover. The first Polly story, pleasant but slight, seemed hardly full enough to yield a sequel; this one, pleasant too but even slighter, isn't much more than a postscript--for readers of Ferris Wheel so beguiled by the welcoming, good-living Lewises that they too will be content just to bask on their hearth.

Pub Date: Oct. 4th, 1978
Publisher: Harper & Row