THE SEVEN AND SAM by Mary Urmston


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Mary Urmston has written a number of good stories for both the teen age and younger reading groups (see The New Boy, 1950, The Twenty-five and Ann, 1953, etc.) and this one is at least as pleasing, if not as searching, as the others. It all happens in New England where Judy Mark and Roger Arnold's father is finishing a book. Their playmates are Clayt, Dune and Red, three boys from the village, though there is no girl for Judy. This worries Judy less than it does Mark, who fears she is getting to be too much of a tomboy. Then there is Sam, Mr. Jethro's horse. Mr. Jethro is one near neighbor, while another is Mrs. Dorian, a painter and a recluse. Sam is an amiable animal but his mysterious disappearances turn out to be a main problem for the kids who don't discover till the and that Sam has been wandering to Mrs. Dorian's and is there being painted for a series of humorous advertisements. Mrs. Dorian has a daughter, too, who makes the seventh.

Pub Date: Sept. 8th, 1955
Publisher: Doubleday