ON WINTER'S TRACES by Mathi Boynton-Hamilton


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Novel in diary form, this mirrors a woman of not too great depth, but one with pride, honesty, a little snobbishness, and a real feeling for a home and the land. Sarah, confronted by Mark's infatuation for glittering Pam, still hopes for reconciliation when they leave New Jersey for a trip South. But Pam is stronger and Sarah has to face the idea of divorce, the loss of her husband and the necessity of making a new kind of life for herself. She moves to a piece of property in South Carolina, left her by a relative, with her son, Jimmie, who is nine, and her old French governess. She finds compensation in bringing the old place to life, in new ways and new friends. There is loneliness as Mark sues for divorce and marries Pam, but there is compensation when Jimmie, after a visit to his father, returns to his preference of the new home in Carolina. There are solo adventures in responsibility. And there is the chance of a second marriage. Nothing of an important first novel here, but woman interior and exterior decoration appeal -- and a subject that has not often been presented and that is omni-present.

Pub Date: Oct. 11th, 1945
Publisher: Appleton--Century