MY NAME IS NOBODY by Maureen Crane Wartski


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As in Wartski's Boat to Nowhere, most of the important action here takes place at sea--in this case, off the coast of New England. About to commit suicide, 15-year-old Robby Holland is rescued and taken home by feisty ex-cop Kurt Doyle. Robby is a decent young man, but most of the spirit has been beaten out of him by his abusive, no-account father. Almost, but not quite, convinced of his own worthlessness, he alternately accepts and rejects both Doyle's kindly trust and the drugs and threats of a local gang of hoods. When Doyle is implicated in an attempted robbery, Robby loses faith in him; but when the old man has a heart attack, the teen-ager battles a storm at sea to get him and his sailboat to safety. Characters here aren't as powerfully drawn as in Magorian's classic GoodNight, Mr. Tom, but the sources of Robby's confusion are clearly laid out, and he does rind the strength to weather some strong challenges.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1987
Page count: 182pp
Publisher: Walker