THE ZEBRA DERBY by Max Shulman


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Author of Barefoot Boy With Check and The Feather Merchants with another sany surrealist satire, the zebra derby run by the veterans back home from the wars with wild poet-atomic dreams of world peace, choice cuts of beef, universal plumbing facilities. A Hearthrug returns to Minnesota and Lodestone LaToole, still waiting on the knoll, who promptly sends him off to take his place in the brave, new, plastic, jet-propelled world. He is fleeced by the proverbial city shyster overflowing with mad post-war plans. Penniless, he is saved temporarily for the ""new order"" by Yetta Samovar, the pathological campus radical of the earlier book. Naivete and money spent, Asa returns to Lodestone and the farm. An earthy, digressive farce ... horsy and loud, but lacking in the sip and originality of the other two books.

Publisher: Doubleday, Doran