PORT OF CALL by Maxwell Griffith


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A Cuban weekend in the lives of a carrier crew in that period between the last war and the present conflict when the navy was pretty much reduced to the dull idleness of training cruises. The first day finds the Bay, better known to its crews as the ""Bloody Best"", inching into shore waters, her captain worried about possible mud banks and court martials, her crew restive and resentful. The second day features a night at liberty town in the Cuban hills where every woman from a high born senorita on her balcony to the crib girls in the back alleys is infected by the influx of nasculinity on the loose, and there is a wild climax in which a sailor precipitates a riot. The third day brings on a trigger-tempered hangover for all concerned- at the close of which a pilot is killed in a landing accident on the flight deck... A first novel which casts a cold eye on the life of the uniformed, reflects this world with authenticity, but lacks central, cementing character to carry the story along.

Pub Date: Jan. 9th, 1951
Publisher: Lippincott