THE TREMENDOUS TREE BOOK by May & Barbara Brenner Garelick


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The background is made of crisp, attractive cut-paper designs in basic colors. The text is a seemingly non-linear arrangement of tree facts and phenomena. There's a bit on different, leaves, another on seeds, a word on photosynthesis, a look at animal homes in trees, another on ""treats"" we get from trees. The spruce format keeps the unconnected parts from sprawling, and for visual interest and general relief, a small, fine-line raccoon and squirrel accompany us through the pages, offering clarifying or supplementary comments. The tone is one of curiosity, intelligently directed; there's no hint of the programmed lesson or systematic education, simply an invitation to look at trees, observantly, for the experience's sake. And the experience is sharpened by the spiffy integration of the elements.

Pub Date: Dec. 13th, 1980
ISBN: 1563977184
Publisher: Four Winds