STRONGHOLD by Melanie Rawn


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The start of a new series (Dragon Star) set in the same worm as the author's popular Dragon Prince paperback trilogy. High Prince Rohan has ruled in peace for decades, preparing to step aside for his heir, Pol, Sunrunner and Sorcerer. Pol's cousin Andry--Lord of Goddess Keep and Sunrunner religious leader--is gathering power to Goddess Keep and experimenting with ancient magics. Tensions between the High Prince's family and Goddess Keep are increasing when a seemingly unstoppable invasion force arrives on their shores. Keep after keep falls to the invaders. Rohan falls back, letting booby-trapped castles, Sunrunner illusions, dragons, and desert do his fighting. His son, Pol, argues with him by saying he should stand and fight. Rohan, aging, wonders whether his son is right. Andry, meanwhile, has used Sunrunner magic and old sorcery to kill invaders, a violation of Sunrunner vows. As more land falls to the invaders, Rohan's old enemies make alliances with the invader. Interesting characters are obscured by a huge number of characters (who spend more of their time remembering the previous trilogy than acting in the present), and nothing is resolved by the sequel-heralding end. Frustrating.

Pub Date: Nov. 5th, 1990
Publisher: DAW--dist. by Penguin