THE BOSS IS CRAZY, TOO by Mell Lazarus


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Billed as the ""second funniest book"" (we can count much higher), this Rabelaisian titter concerns three months in the life of Carson Hemple, art director of the Fineman publishing empire. Carson, a bale of bourgeois moral fibers, gets orders from Fineman to steal the company bankrupt. Then follows a long recipe for the white collar thief-- diner's cards, false delivery, doctored ""cheat sheets"", and petty pilfering galore-- all to bilk a company that produces comic books and confession magazines. Hemple tries every way-out idea for wasting money, prompted and prodded by his wife and colleagues. He almost makes it, but can he make you laugh if you've lived through your sophomore year in college? Hemple's flights from an overheated secretary are the keynote to the satiric disaster- masculine married virtue at bay before rapacious womankind is the oldest joke to have run out of punch lines. The author is the creator of the really funny ""Miss Peach"" comic strip.

Pub Date: June 3rd, 1963
Publisher: Dial