THE WHITE FEATHER by Merritt Parmelee Allen


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An historical novel of the Civil War period, well furnished with a good plot, interesting characters, adventure, mystery, realistic battle descriptions and the harrowing hardships of this period. 17-year old Beau has a romantic loyalty to the South of his mother's origin, and his irascible grandfather presents him with a white feather because he will not join the Union forces. He places the feather in the pages of the prayer book that had belonged to his dead mother -- he fights his despicable cousin Mo over Ebony, his thoroughbred horse, and he leaves his Kentucky mountain home to seek out his father's family whom he has never known. With two chance met pals, he joins the Confederate Army as sides to Captain John Morgan. Four years of adventure and horror -- an encounter with Mo, in the act of robbing his grandfather, and saving his grandfather's life -- and the redemption of his honor in his grandfather's eyes. A fresh slant on Civil War days, unsentimentalized and objective.

Publisher: Longmans, Green