WHOSE WOODS THESE ARE: The Story of the National Forests by Michael Frome

WHOSE WOODS THESE ARE: The Story of the National Forests

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This long overdue book on America's great National Forests and the Forest Service which administers them, will come as good news to conservationists, nature lovers, and the ardent vacationist. Starting with the story of Gifford Pinchot and how he organized the Forest Service under Theodore Roosevelt, the author takes us through the growth and reverses of over 50 years to the vast enterprise of today which covers (one tenth of the surface of the nation) in 38 states. Great attention is paid reforestation, development of new facilities, the fight against the of private interests, and the even more spectacular yearly fight against destructive forest fires. Of human interest too are the stories and about the foresters. Pinchot himself, rangers like Arthur Woody, fire fighters like the and Apache Indiana who do battle with the enemy fire every summer. All in all, very readable history of a famous government agency, and a valuable for further in the United States.

Publisher: Doubleday