SCRATCHPROOF by Michael Maguire


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More show-bizzy than horsy, as Simon Drake of Turf Security Division reluctantly goes on Catherine Forrest's payroll. She's a 60-ish film star trying hard for a Gloria Swanson comeback, but somebody is trying even harder to drive her bughouse (voodoo-doll time), throw off her shooting schedule, and cripple her racehorses. Is it the director she fired? Her limp-wristed leading man? Her philandering husband? Her bratty stepson? All of the above? Simon, who's broken-nosed, sexy, and plastic, finds out--but not until Maguire has stretched this unmercifully, with enough Dick Francis imitations (physical ordeals) and false endings (four or five) to cancel out a tidy talent for ripe backtalk and racetrack action.

Pub Date: April 27th, 1977
Publisher: St. Martin's