CACHE ON THE ROCKS by Michael Sellers


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Sellers works hard at making sleuth Cal Fisher an English version of a Spillane/Chandler shamus, with off-and-on results--but, whatever Cal's intermittent charms, he's hopelessly embroiled in a preposterous plot here. Hired by financier Ben Chumsty to investigate the drowning death of son Tag, Cal soon finds out a lot: that Tag's luscious business partner Desdemona Grey has been up to assorted double-crosses; that Tag was betraying his father (with the sale of mining rights on an isle in Papua, New Guinea); and that Ben's arch-boardroom-enemy is Osmar Fox--who is made very nervous by Cal's entrance on the scene. So, before the silly final showdown, our hero will be bribed, kidnapped, and shot at--while coming up with a secret motivation from the past. . . and managing a series of overnight stops with the gorgeous, complaisant women involved. Despite Sellers' agreeable style and wry humor: a routine effort with a weak, gnarled plot--and too much padding via guns, gals, and car chases.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1983
Publisher: Doubleday