THE AVENGERS by Michel Bar-Zohar


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This chronicles the long hunt for Nazi war criminals and the swift ""justice"" that is dealt them. The book begins with accounts of Jewish vengeance, goes on to describe the elaborate escape plans of the Reich's top leaders and the network of underground organizations that still aid them, and ends in the Matto Grosso, the Argentine jungle which serves as a contemporary badlandz for renegade Nazis. Bar-Zohar, who wrote The Hunt for German Scientists and Ben Gurion, is a French journalist. He makes a plea for the morality of vengeance, asking the reader to imagine the ""Nazi hell"" and to ""understand the anguish and fury of those who survived."" He presents the Jewish Brigade which began its own secret mop-up action shortly after the war, the Nazi ""Spider"" which still protects war criminals particularly in Latin America, the capture of Eichmann, and the painstaking search which continues for Martin Bormann (the ""most wanted"" Nazi) and Dr. Josef Mengele (Auschwitz's ""angel of death""). Bar-Zohar, who interviewed avengers, journalists, officials, and survivors all over the world, tells the story in swift detail. Since the Eichmann trial, the activities of the avengers have become increasingly public to provoke fear among hiding Nazis. His book, which exposes the intricate plans and often ruthless strategy, lends credence to the warning that a war criminal's execution could come ""at any moment"" and it reads with great momentum.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1968
Publisher: Hawthorn