THE PATH by Miguel Dolibes


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This is an account of a boyhood, along with many vignettes of the natives in a little Spanish village, affectionately told through the eyes of Daniel, the son of the local chasemaker, as he is about to be sent away to the city- to school. There are Daniel's friends, Roque, ""The Cowpat"" who is daring, the son of the blacksmith, the strongest man in the valley, and German, ""The Mangy"" with his bald patches; there's Sara, Roque's older sister who makes his life miserable until the boys stimulate her romance with the schoolmaster; Lola, the shopkeeper, a spinster with a watchful eye and evil mind for the indulgences of the flesh and irone, her prodigal sister who is deceived and abandoned; Daniel's distant adoration of Mira, and contempt. For a small hanger-on, Uea-uea; etc., etc. Wi the small confines here of both experience- and movement, this is a pleasant fusion of naivete and wisdom, humor and tenderness, by a writer well known in his native counts. It is likely to be overlooked here.

Pub Date: Aug. 21st, 1961
Publisher: John Day